Cette  peinture , FOULE, est justement la fille du petit format acrylique L' HOMME EN COLERE dans la famille carnaval !  J'y avais noté l'apparition de personnages imprévus , parfois fort bien  campés, et qui provenaient de tâches  dans les fonds de mes ensembles de personnages.          Jj'ai donc essayé de systématiser et de reproduire et de provoquer ces apparitions en adoptant un RYTHME VISUEL , avec une palette restreinte mais colorée...et dans les quatre positions du tableau, tête bêche et même horisontalement, on peut ainsi imaginer des personnages, vue en plongée, avec des mouvements dfférents !   Les peintres haïtiens font ça depuis longtemps, mais pour moi , c'etait une belle découverte , ça m'a décontracté  un peu par rapport au corps humain !






My interest in music and my work on carnival memories lead me to explore movements and rythms in an abstract or , better EVOCATIVE WAY, I don't paint somebody dancing , just try  to paint DANCE  with something, color, shapes, vegetal fibres and surfaces,  that you  can see as a human boby or some humans , in different scales, dancing !   So I let you make a part of the way to expressivity and meeting  goal ! Painters are so lazy nowadays !!! They don't bring you a painted photography, no  !!! you have to finish the job! and that is interest, because every each other people make a different and personal  interpretation depending to his own life, culture, references...

And that is also the brake to enter in modern language of art ...you have a part of the way to make, and lazy people imagine it's difficult, but you just have to stay , and look, and let your mind free !






But for the moment i'ts better to go on the french side of my site , because I make explanations  in french and also in English in front of the frames and photos, the reason is technical and my poor understanding in web things , I 'm not very clever with that...sorry !



















    After that painting, I realise tht human eye has strong property in seeing  figures and human body and heads in everything, a spot ,as well cratches on a tree trunk, breaks in the concrete , even in clouds....I've read something on this imaginations in a LEONARDO DA VINCI book, I remember he takes that like exercices for  his own creativity, you can see...that it still works!